Category: Sheet Functions

Below you'll find tutorials on how to use some of the most common and useful functions in Sheets.

Google Sheets Functions – QUERY

The QUERY function is in a category all on its own. It’s an extremely powerful function that will let you filter, sort, group, pivot, basically extract data from a table and present it in numerous ways. At first it can...

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Google Sheets Functions – IMAGE

In this post let’s look how we can insert images into our sheets. There are two main ways, either inserting the image via the Insert menu or by using the IMAGE function. Example 1 – Inserting an image from Drive Here...

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Google Sheets Functions – OFFSET

Sometimes we spend time setting up beautiful spreadsheets only for us to have to add rows or columns afterwards, which then messes up our formulas and we have to change them. In this post, we’re going to look at a couple...

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Google Sheets Functions – FILTER

Here we’re going to look at the FILTER function. But you can add a filter to a table via the filter option in the menu, I hear you cry! You can, but the FILTER function allows you to put those filtered results on a...

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Google Sheets Functions – VLOOKUP

Here’s how to look up values in tables in Google Sheets using the really useful VLOOKUP function (Vertical Look up). You give it something to look for in the table and it gets the value you’re after from a different...

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Google Sheets Functions – IF

Sometimes you’re not sure what’s going to be on your sheet and in your cells, and you want to show a value or piece of text, depending on what’s in those cells. This is where the IF function comes in....

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