Recommended sites, books, and videos

Here’s a little list of some great sites, books, and videos that are related to Google Apps, Google Apps Script and EdTech in general.

Alice Keeler

Alice posts about a whole range of topics relating to the classroom, but in particular, has some great posts about Google Apps and Google Apps Script use.


Control Alt Achieve

A wonderful site full of lots of EdTech ideas. A lot of Eric’s posts focus on how you can use the various tools to make enjoyable and interesting classes.


Ben Collins

Ben’s site focuses mainly on Google Sheets and Google Apps Script, and is full of really useful ways these can be used to make things a lot easier and better.


G Suite blog

Keep up-to-date with the latest changes and improvements to the G Suite.


Some great posts on how Google Apps can be used. I recommend subscribing to their newsletter.



This site is full of really detailed Excel tips, which in many cases, can be transferred to Google Sheets. It also has a section on Google Sheets Add-ons.

Prolific Oaktree

Blog full of ideas on using Google Apps.


Sheets Help

Blog focussing on Google Sheets with ideas of how to use it better.

Academia Apps

I particularly like this post on how Google Apps can transform your classroom.

Google Apps Script

In addition to some of the ones above, here’s a list of sites, books and videos I’ve found useful whilst learning Google Apps Script and also Javascript.



This is Google’s official Apps Script site, which contains lists of Apps Script code that you’ll need for your programs. In a lot of cases, it’ll give you example chunks which you can copy and paste right into your program. Bookmark it, you’ll be using it a lot!


GAS-Spreadsheet ref

This is part of the above site and is where you can find the code related to spreadsheets, which I think is a good place to start learning and practising.

Stack Overflow

Got stuck? Need someone to help you with your code. This is an amazing place where you can either search for an answer to your coding problem or post a question and the community invariably will post potential solutions. I can’t express how wonderful I think the people who help on these pages are!



When I first started learning GAS, I discovered that it’s based on Javascript, and to learn GAS well you really need to have a sound knowledge of the Javascript basics. The W3Schools site covers all sorts of programming languages, but I highly recommend taking the time to read through the Javascript entries and try out the challenges it sets, to get a good idea of how it works. It’s then useful in the future as a reference, as most parts contain example code so you know who to use it.


Desktop Liberation - Bruce McPherson

As you start learning GAS, you’ll see Bruce’s name pop up everywhere, whether it be one of the books listed below, part of the Google + GAS community, or on his blog. The man is a font of knowledge, and his blog contains a stack of GAS examples, which include the code so you see how he goes about it.


Jordan Rhea

Some great education-focussed projects using Apps Script. Also, check out his YouTube channel.



Apart from the website, SoloLearn has a series of apps which teach you the basics of various programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JQuery, and Javascript. In each section there you learn a part of the code, then are you are asked some questions to check your understanding of it. There is also a great code playground, which always you to tinker with code or to write your own code and run it right within the app. Best of all, the apps are free!


This site allows you to learn various programming languages by doing. Each part there is a challenge where you have to write or edit code, to be able to pass on to the next section. Bit by bit this builds up your Javascript knowledge.


Google Apps Script Recommended Reading and Watching

Here are some books and videos I recommend reading and watching.

Google Sheets Programming

Google Sheets Programming with Google Apps Script – Michael Maguire

This is the first book I bought, and it’s a great way to start your GAS journey. Focussed on using GAS with spreadsheets, it builds up from simple short programs to more complex ones.

GAS for Beginners

Google Apps Script for Beginners – Serge Gabet

This starts from the basics and covers various uses of GAS, including with Sheets, Forms, Emails, Docs, and some web applications improving the UI.


Learning Google Apps Script

Learning Google Apps Script – Ramalingam Ganapathy

Personally, I think this is a better book than the GAS for beginners and it takes you further. It covers areas like creating elements, emails, forms, calendar, RSS feeds, workflows, Add-ons. Here you’ll see how the various parts of GAS come together to produce programs that carry out a complete workflow.


Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script – James Ferreira

I’ve only read parts of this one but it seems to be a stage higher than the previous two books. It’s rammed with information and example code.


Going GAS

Going GAS – Bruce McPherson

This book I read early on and even though it was above my then knowledge of GAS, it’s full of great examples of GAS code, which you can use and experiment with. The idea of the book is for those coming from a VBA background, but I don’t think that does the book justice, as I don’t know anything about VBA and have still found this a very useful book. I’ve since gone back and reread it and it continues to be a great help.


Google Apps Script videos

Google Apps Script for Beginners – Video – Bruce McPherson

I think it’s wonderful that Bruce has made videos on GAS, as there is very limited training material out there in video format. I’ve not watched this video but based on the video below, I have no doubt this would be an excellent place to start learning Apps Script.

Google Apps Script for Developers – Video – Bruce McPherson

If you already know some GAS or other programming languages, then possibly this video is for you. It covers all the main areas of GAS and jammed packed with examples and how to get the best out of Apps Script.

Google+ Communities

I also recommend joining the Google+ communities on Google Apps, Drive, and GAS. They are full of wonderful ideas and there is always someone who is willing to help you with a problem you may have using these.  Here are the links:

GSuite / Google Apps

GSuite for Education

Google for Education

Google Docs and Drive

Google Docs Tips

Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script

Apps Scripts for Education – Builders and Users

Apps Scripts for Education – Beginning builders

Totally unscripted – Broadcasts where the experts in the field share new things that are happening in the world of Apps Script and also usage ideas.

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