Google Slides (1) – The basics

This is the first of a new set of posts, this time looking at Google’s presentation tool, Google Slides. It takes its cue from the classic Microsoft presentation software, Powerpoint, but as with the other Google Apps,...

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Google Slides (3) – Setting up your slides

Updated – Using Explore to improve your slides Before we jump into the details of making your slides, you’ll probably want to set up the overall look of the slides. We can change the size of them, the layout of the...

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Google Slides (4) – Working with text

In this post, I’m going to focus on working with text in your slides. If you’re already familiar with Google Docs, a lot of the editing controls here are the same, but don’t worry if you’re not, I’m...

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Google Slides (11) – Printing your slides

Even in this digital age, we still often print out our slides. On Slides this is easy to do and you have the option of printing them out in different formats. Here we’ll look at: Printing and the settings Printing formats...

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Google Slides (17) – Tables

Adding tables to your slides is a common thing to do with slides, especially when presenting some data. If you have used tables in Google Docs, then you will see that in Slides it is very similar. Here we’ll look at:...

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Google Slides (18) – Using templates

Slides has a small set of professional-looking templates which can be used to get you started. They are three categories: Education, Work, Personal. They cover areas like CVs, lesson plans, different types of presentations,...

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Google Slides (19) – Revision History

One of the best features of the Google Apps is the revision history, which stores every change to your document, allowing you to go back to a particular revision, right back to when you first created the document. It also shows...

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Google Slides (20) – Web Clipboard

Copy and pasting is great except what happens when you want to copy and paste a number of things many times? And what happens if you want to paste from say a Google Slides document to a Google Docs one? This is where Web...

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