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Here you'll find tutorials on how to use Google Sheets.

Make & Send Kids Reports

In this post, we’re going to look how we can create kids reports from a Google Sheet and convert them into individual PDFs made from Google Docs, then email them to the parents. This could of course be adapted to send any...

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Forms & Sheets – Attendance System

In this post we’re going to make an attendance system using Google Forms and Sheets. The user will fill in the attendance on the form (possibly on their mobile) and the data will then be stored and organised automatically...

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Placement Test

Students who want to study a language at a language academy, have to do a placement test, which confirms their current level in that language and then tells the tester in which level they should be placed. Here we’re going...

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Book inventory

Here we’re going to make a simple book inventory, where we’ll be able to control the location of the books and also find out where a book is. This uses a mixture of GAS code and Sheets functions. We’ve got 3...

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Google Sheets (14) – Merging cells

Cells on the spreadsheet can be combined together by what’s called “merging”. This helps your information be understood more easily. Here I have some products and I wanted to work out the profitability of them....

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Google Sheets (13) – Sorted!

Here we’re going to look at how to sort your data in numerical order and alphabetical order. Here we have some performance figures and I want to sort them by performance, starting with the highest and ending with the...

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Google Sheets (11) – Filtering your data

Let’s look at how you can filter your data to show a particular aspect of it. There are two ways to do this: Filter (by value & by condition) Filter View Filter – By value If we have a set of data, we can add...

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Google Sheets (9) – Moving beyond one sheet

One way to think about Google Sheets is that it is like a page from a book with a grid pattern on it, but as the name Sheets suggests, you can have more than one page in the book. In one file you can have numerous sheets, with...

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Google Sheets (3) – Formatting your data

Once you’ve added your data onto a sheet, you’ll probably want to format it in some way. By default, numbers entered are considered just that, normal numbers, but sometimes you want specific types of numbers,...

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Google Sheets (2) – Cell formatting

The fundamental building blocks of any spreadsheet are the cells. So, clearly it’s important to understand how to use them well. In this post I will focus on the various ways you can format cells, so that the cells display...

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Google Sheets (1) – The basics

Google Sheets is a wonderful spreadsheet program which can make your working life so much easier. So, what can it be used for? Calculations The number one use is manipulating data. Data is entered and the program can then be set...

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