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Here you'll find tutorials on how to use Google Docs.

Google Docs (20) – Extra useful tools

To finish off my current set of posts on Google Docs, here’s a collection of small but useful tools in Docs, which I haven’t covered so far, but I think can make life that little bit easier. The majority are related...

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Google Docs (19) – Research and Define

The “Research” tool is mainly aimed at those writing academic papers, essays, etc, but it can be useful for anyone. It allows you to search for things on Google without having to leave your document. Plus, it allows...

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Google Docs (15) – Adding special characters

Apart from the usual fonts and letters we sometimes want to add very specific characters, e.g. arrows, Greek letters, emoji, etc. Docs provides a wide range of these and they are simple to insert into your document. In addition...

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Google Docs (14) – Translating a document

Many people work in different languages and it’s useful to be able to translate texts quickly and also to be able to work in another language if you speak more than one. Here we’ll look at a quick way to translate a...

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Google Docs (13) – Adding comments & suggesting

One of the great things about Google Docs is the ability to work on a document collaboratively. To aid that, collaborators can leave comments on the document, for others to action, either by just responding to the comment and by...

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Google Docs (7) – Printing

Once you’ve made a stunning document, you may want to print it out. Let’s go through the options Docs gives you. To print, click on the printer icon (or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P (Mac: Cmd + P)). This opens...

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Google Docs (6) – Working with images

Images make a document for more interesting and also easier to understand. Here we’ll look at working with images. We’ll cover: Inserting images Uploading Taking a snapshot By URL Google albums Google Drive Search...

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Google Docs (3) – Setting up the page

Apart from changing the text to the way you want it, you will often want to set up the page differently from the default. You can change the page size, page orientation, how the text fits on the page, etc. Here we’ll look...

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Google Docs (2) – Making your text look better

The most basic way to use Google Docs, is to create a new document and then just start typing. Which is fine, but often you want to make it look more professional, or you want to make certain areas stand out, etc. Docs provides...

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Google Docs (1) – The basics

You may have heard of Google Docs, but what are they exactly? Google Docs is part of the Google Apps family and is a word-processing program similar to Microsoft Word. It’s largely used for writing texts but things like...

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