Sheets gives you the opportunity to add hyperlinks into your cells, allowing you to quickly navigate around your sheets, which is particularly useful if you have a lot of sheets or have a lot of information on a sheet.

Here, we have 3 sheets, Home, Ian, and Peter.

The Home sheet has a list of teachers.

The other two sheets have the teachers’ classes.

Linking a sheet

On the Home sheet, right-click on the cell and select “Insert link”.

 Alternatively, you can select the cell then click on the link icon on the toolbar.

This opens the link dialogue. There are two parts, Text and Link: In Text, you’ll see the text you want to show in the cell and as the teacher’s name is already in there it appears. Under Link, you’ll see various options: linking to Sheets, ranges, and external sites.

Click on “Sheets in this spreadsheet” to open the list of sheets in the spreadsheet.

Click on a sheet, e.g. Ian and click Apply.

This will add the link to that cell.

If you hover over the cell the blue hyperlink will appear. Clicking on the hyperlink will take you to that sheet.

What I usually do is create another hyperlink to allow the user to go back to the Home page.

Here, I’m going to add the link to cell A1. Right-click the cell and this time from the “Sheets in this spreadsheet” menu, choose Home.

Then click Apply.

This has now added the link back to the Home sheet.

Linking a specific cell

Linking to a sheet, will take the user to cell A1 of that sheet, but we can also link to a specific cell. Here, I want to link to the bottom of the list of classes on Peter’s sheet (cell B5).

Right-click on the cell and choose “Get link to this cell” from the menu.

The link is then copied to the clipboard.

Back on the Home sheet, right-click the cell you want (in this case, A3).

Then paste the link from the clipboard into the Link box and click Apply.

As you can see, it’s added a hyperlink to cell B5 on that sheet.

Clicking on the link takes us to Peter’s sheet and cell B5.

Linking to a range of cells

We can also link to a range of cells, not just one. As an example, here, on Peter’s sheet right-click on Classes (cell B1), select “Insert link”, then “Select a range of cells to link”.

It will prompt you for the range. Either you can type it in and just select the range you want, which will add the range to the dialogue box.

Here, I’ve selected all his classes.

Then click OK in the dialogue box.

Then click Apply.

This has now added that link to the Classes cell and hovering over it as before will show the hyperlink.

Click the link and the range will automatically be highlighted. This could be useful if you often have to edit and copy a range of cells.

Linking to an external site

Finally, we can also add links to external sources. You can either paste in the link you want in the Link box, or write in a name and below Sheets will suggest possible websites related to that name. Here, for example, I want a link to Google Classroom and just by from the name in the cell, it’s automatically suggested the classroom site I want. Just click on the link in green and this will add a hyperlink.

As you can see, adding this link actually uses the HYPERLINK function and adds the website and the name you want in the cell.

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