There are times when you want to import a few slides from a presentation that you or someone else has previously made. You could make a copy of the presentation and delete the slides you didn’t want but a better way is to import just the slides you want. This also allows you to import them from various sources. You can import both Slides documents and Powerpoints.

Importing slides

To start go to the “File” menu and select “Import slides…”.


Here you have 2 options, either you can access presentations you have stored on your Google Drive (in Presentations) or you can upload a presentation from your hard drive or pen drive, which can be in Powerpoint format.

Here I’m going to start by selecting a presentation further down the list called Writing Correction Codes. I click on it and click “Select”.


This opens displays the slides in that document. I have the choice of selecting specific ones, or I can select all of them by clicking “All” on the right-hand side. Press “None” to return to none selected.

At the bottom I also have the option of keeping the original theme. Choose the ones you want and click the “Import slides” button at the bottom.


Here I’ve imported just the title slide.


Importing a Powerpoint

As mentioned above you can also import files stored on your computer. From Import slides, click on “Upload”, then “Select a file from your computer”.


As before you can select the slides you want.


Here I’ve just added one of the slides. This can also save you converting and uploading a complete Powerpoint to Slides, if you just want a part of it.


Note, that importing slides also creates a Google Slides document in your My Drive with all the slides from that Powerpoint.


Notice that the slide isn’t centred like the original. This was from a Powerpoint slide and despite being a very simple slide with just 2 text boxes, it failed to match the original. So, be careful when importing from Powerpoint. I also couldn’t import a Keynote presentation (Apple’s Powerpoint) and got an error saying it couldn’t import that format.

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