Copy and pasting is great except what happens when you want to copy and paste a number of things many times? And what happens if you want to paste from say a Google Slides document to a Google Docs one? This is where Web clipboard comes in. This allows you to copy various items and storing in the web clipboard ready to be pasted in any order you like and as many times as you like. It also preserves the formatting when moving from one application to another, e.g. Slides to Docs.

Adding items to the Web clipboard

First let’s add a simple speech bubble and text I made in Slides to the Web clipboard.


Select both objects and go to the “Edit” menu, select “Web clipboard”, then “Copy shapes to web clipboard”.


Now, let’s copy something else. Here I have an image of the UK, a text box with “Wales” in it and an arrow showing where the country is. I want to copy all of it, so as above I select all the objects so they are all highlighted and follow the same steps above to add it to the Web clipboard.


Now I want to paste my “shapes” or in other words, my objects onto a different slide. Go to the Web clipboard menu, and this time you’ll see that it tells you there are 2 shapes in the clipboard. Which one is which? Hover over the word “Shapes” and you will see a preview of what’s been copied appear below. So the bottom one is the speech bubble.


And the top one is the map.


Pasting items from the Web clipboard

To paste each one, select “Paste as shapes”.


Obviously, doing this once within Slides, isn’t any better than normal copying and pasting, but if you want to paste further copies of those objects, then hopefully, you can see that this makes the whole process a little quicker and simpler.

Web clipboard, however, has another advantage, it allows you to paste your beautifully created objects in Slides (and in fact from Drawings) into Docs. Below I’ve pasted the 2 objects that I created in Slides into Docs, following the same steps as above using “Paste as shapes”.


Note, the formatting is identical as to what I created in Slides. This is because it has created an image of the selected objects, so now the map, arrow and text box, are one image object, and the speech bubble and text box are also one image, which can’t be edited individually in Docs.


What happens if you just copy and paste from Slides into Docs?

Selecting the speech bubble and the text box and pressing Ctrl+C to copy. When you paste it into Docs, the speech bubble disappears and only the text remains.


Similarly, when the map, arrow and text box are selected, when they are pasted into Docs, the map remains, but the arrow disappears and the text box is just placed as normal text next to the map.



Removing the contents of the Web clipboard

To remove what’s in the Web clipboard, go to the Web clipboard menu and select “Clear all items”.


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