Updated – Includes the new version of Version history and naming revisions

One of the best features of the Google Apps is the revision history, which stores every change to your document, allowing you to go back to a particular revision, right back to when you first created the document. It also shows you who made what revision.

To access it, click on the link at the top of the screen, which will say “Last edit was on ” + the date.


It’s also possible to access it via the File menu, by selecting “See Version history”.

On the right-hand side of the screen you’ll see a list of dates and times, along with who made the revision. By default, it shows the main changes.

Underneath you have the option of either showing the changes in the main window or not. By default, it shows them. If you want to show more detailed changes, click on the triangles next to the dates, which will display all the individual changes.

On the main page in the middle, the changes are highlighted by coloured boxes. Each person has a different colour.


 Changing to a different version

To change to a different version, click on the revision from the revision on the right, then click “restore this version”.

It will prompt you to confirm the change. Just click “Restore”.

Note, this doesn’t delete the previous version. The previous version just becomes the version before the new one, so you can always go back to it.

To name a version

Previously versions were just dates and times, but now you can name versions, which is extremely useful. Particularly when you have certain ‘final’ versions of your slides, so you can go straight back to the slides, without trying to remember on which date and at which time the version you want was.

To name a version, click on the 3-dot menu in the version you want.

Click on “Name this version”.

Then give it a name.

You can always rename it or remove the name by clicking on the 3-dot menu again.

Alternatively, you can do it via the File>Version history menu. Click “Name current version”.

This will prompt you for a name. Then click Save.

If a name already exists, it will ask if you want to change it.

To show only named versions

One of the good things about naming your versions, is that you can show only the versions with names, rather than every revision ever recorded. Under Version history, click the toggle switch.

This will now filter the revisions and only show ones which have been named.

Printing revisions and zooming

In the top left corner, you have the option to print and zoom. You can print a particular revision without having to change your slides, by selecting a particular revision from the revisions on the right-hand side, so that the slides change to that revision, then click the printer icon. You can then return back to the original version, by clicking on the appropriate version on the right again.

To return to your slides, just click on the arrow.

Version history – A wonderful tool which is so useful.

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