Slides has a small set of professional-looking templates which can be used to get you started. They are three categories: Education, Work, Personal. They cover areas like CVs, lesson plans, different types of presentations, recipe books, etc. They are very easy to set up.

They can be accessed either from within Slides or via a direct URL.

The URL will take you to the template page. I’ve also found that typing in also takes you to the same page.

The templates are at the top of the page and to see more, just click on the “more” option on the right-hand side.


You can also open the template page from within slides, by going to “File” menu, selecting “New” and then “From template”.


There are 25 templates to choose from and can be easily adapted if they don’t meet your needs exactly. To create one, just click on the image.


If you use the direct URL, this opens the newly created template. However, if you create within another Slides document, it creates a new Slides document in your My Drive but doesn’t open it, so you have to go out of the current document and navigate to My Drive and open from there. So, I’d suggest using the URL.

Here, I’ve created a lesson template. As you can see it’s already filled with 7 slides covering different areas of a lesson plan. It makes a welcome, very visual alternative to the boring, dry text documents that teachers often have to fill out.


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