Even in this digital age, we still often print out our slides. On Slides this is easy to do and you have the option of printing them out in different formats.

Here we’ll look at:

  • Printing and the settings
  • Printing formats – Slides and handouts
  • Download as PDF (as slides or handouts)

Printing your slides

To simply print your slides, one page per slide, click on the printer icon on the toolbar (or press the classic, Ctrl+P (Cmd+P – Mac)), which will open the Print dialogue box.


On the left you have some printing options and on the right you have the preview of your slides. Going down on the left you have:

Total: The number of pages and sheets of paper you’re going to print, with the current settings.

Destination: This is the printer you’re going to print to. Click “Change” if you want to print to a different one.

Pages: You can print all the pages, or certain ones. If you want to print a range of pages, for example, pages 1 to 4, type 1-4 in the box. If you want to print specific pages, for example, 1, 3, 5, then type 1, 3, 5 in the box using commas to separate the pages. You can mix the two, as per the example in the box.

Copies: This is the number of copies you want to print.

Paper size: by default, it’ll be A4, but you can change this to other sizes.

Options: Here it’s given me the option of fitting the content of my slides to the page. This can be useful if you have something that’s fairly small on the page, and you want it to fill the page, but only on the printed version and not on the slides itself.


If you hover the cursor over on the right-hand side, a little menu will appear, which first gives you the options of “fit to page” or “fit to width”, then the next two buttons, allow you to zoom in and out of the slides.


Press the blue button Print, when you’re ready to print.

Print settings and preview

There are further formats you can print in but these are accessed via a different menu item. Go to the “file” menu and click on ” Print settings and preview”.



At the top of the page, you have some options. By default, the slides will be printed 1 slide per page and without any speaker notes. You can control the orientation, you can hide the background especially if it looks fine on a computer screen but maybe doesn’t look good on a handout.

You also have the option of downloading the slides in the format you’ve selected as a pdf, which is handy if you want the pdf to have a number of slides per page, for example.

Finally, you can print the slides from this dialogue box. To close the preview, just click on “Close preview” to return to your slides.

Slides10-10 (1)

To change the number of slides per page, click on the drop-down menu “1 slide without notes”. Here you have the option of printing the slides 1 per page with or without speaker notes. Plus, the option of printing handouts, with from 1 to 9 slides on a page.


You can also change the page orientation here, by clicking on portrait or landscape.


Here I’ve selected 4 slides per page.


And here 9 slides per page. Obviously here, as there aren’t 9 slides, there is a space at the end.


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