Following on from the first part on working with images, here we’ll cover:

  • Inserting an image
    • From your computer
    • From a URL
    • From Google Drive
    • From a search
  • Resizing an image
  • Deleting a slide

Inserting an image from your computer

There are other ways to insert images onto your slides. Either click on “Image” on the toolbar and go to the “Insert” menu then click on “Image”.

Slides6-29   Slides6-15

This will open the “Insert image” dialogue box. Along the top you can see you have various options and it will depend on where you images are and what you want to do with them exactly.


Let’s start with “Upload”. This allows you to upload an image from your computer straight into Slides. Click on the blue “Choose an image to upload”, then select the image from the directory on your computer. It’s also possible to drag the file from the directory into the middle of the Insert Image box, where it says “Drag an image here”, and the uploading will start automatically.


Inserting an image from a URL

If you have a URL for an image or have copied one from an image on a website (by right-clicking and selecting “Copy Image address” or something similar on Windows), then you can paste the link into Slides.


From the Insert image dialogue, click on “By URL” then paste your link. Your image will appear below, then press “Select”.



Inserting an image from your Google Drive

If you have an image already stored on your Google Drive, from the “Insert image” dialogue, click on “Google Drive”. You have a few options to find your image. If you know the name, the search bar at the top is probably the quickest way. Just type in the image name. You can also look in your Shared with me filter or Recent images.


Here I’ve clicked on Recent and then I’ll click on the image I want and press “Select”.


Searching for an image in Insert image

Instead of using the Research tool, you can also use the Search option in the Insert image dialogue. There are 3 options to choose from, Google, Life, and stock, but personally, I’ve not found the Life and Stock options very useful.


Type in a search term. You have the choice of filtering the results by colours (click on one of the coloured squares) or by image type.


To choose an image type, click on “Any type” and choose one of the options below.


Resizing an image

If you insert a large image, one nice feature of Slides is that it will fit the picture to one of the sides of your slide.


If you want to change the size of your image, click on the image then drag the one of the little blue squares. Usually one of the corner ones is best, as this resizes both the top to bottom and the left to right sides, so it doesn’t distort the image. If you drag one of the squares on the sides, it will only resize one side, so will distort the image, but sometimes this isn’t important.


Deleting a slide

We have our images on our slides, but I have one slide too many. To delete that slide, just click on the slide in the Slides sorter and press delete.


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