We should all know copy and paste by now. When we copy something it goes into a virtual clipboard, ready for us to call on it by pasting it into a document. But what happens if we’ve got lots of things we want to copy and paste, and in particular, when we want to copy and paste between documents? We end up opening one document, copying, opening the other document, pasting, and back to the first document, and so on… A bit tedious to say the least.

Well fortunately, Google Docs has an alternative clipboard called web clipboard. This allows you to copy various pieces of texts and images from one document and then go to the other document and paste them all separately. It can even allow you to copy on one computer and paste on another!

Copying to the web clipboard

As an example, I’m going to copy three separate chapter titles, which are in the same document but on different pages.

First, I select the first title and go to the “Edit” menu, select “Web clipboard” then “Copy selection to web clipboard”.

Docs17 - 2

 Docs17 - 1

Then I select the second title, and do the same as above. Notice, that the previous one appears in the final menu.

Docs17 - 3

Docs17 - 4

I copy the third title in the same way, here you can see the previous two titles in the menu.

Docs17 - 5

Then I go to the document I want to paste the titles in. I go to “Web clipboard” as before.

Docs17 - 6

Then I click on the first title, this then gives me two options, “Paste as rich text” or “Paste as HTML”. Probably most of the time you will want to pick the “rich text” one which contains the formatting.

Docs17 - 7

Here it is in the new document:

Docs17 - 8

I repeat the same for the other two titles:

Docs17 - 9

It’s far more convenient and quicker to do and allows you to work with multiple texts or images and even between computers.


To finish off, let’s copy an image.

As you can see below, the image is stored in a similar way and you have the same paste options. If you select the image, here called A “”, you will see that it gives you a preview of the image  below, so you know which one it is.

Docs17 - 10

To clear the web clipboard, select “Clear all items” in the web clipboard menu.

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