Google Docs gives you a variety ways you can share your document. Here we’ll look at:

  • Downloading a document
  • Emailing a document
    • Emailing to collaborators
    • Emailing as an attachment
  • Sharing a document

Downloading a document

You can download a ‘physical’ copy to your computer in a variety of formats. To do so, go to the “file” menu and select “Download as”. Then select one of the options on the right.

Docs12 - 1

You can download it as a Microsoft Word document (.docx),an Open Office document (.ods), a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file,a PDF,as plain text (.txt), a zipped HTML file (.html), or as an EPUB document (used for ebooks).

Emailing a document

There are two ways to email the document.

1) Email collaborators – Sends a link to the document to those it’s already shared with

2) Email as attachment – Sends a ‘physical’ attachment in an email (in .docx,  or .pdf format)

Email collaborators

Go to the “File” menu then select “Email collaborators”.

Docs12 - 2

Clicking on this, will open the Send message box. Within it, you’ll be able to send an email to those who the document is shared with. On the left is the email and on the right are the possible recipients. By default, everyone is ticked and will receive it, just untick those you don’t want to send it to. If you have a long list but only want to send it to a few people, then it’s quicker to click “none”, then tick those you want to send it to. Then press Send.

Docs12 - 3

The recipients will receive an email like this:

Docs12 - 4

Email as attachment

If you want to send them a ‘physical’ copy of the document, maybe because they don’t have access to the Google Document or you want to send them a snapshot of what’s on there and not have live access to it, then you can send it in various formats.

Go to the “file” menu and select “Email as an attachment”.

Docs12 - 5

Fill in the email. Note that in the “To:” box, as you type the names of the recipients, if they are already in your contacts, they will appear below so you can click on them without having to type them out completely.

 Sheets9 - 12

Then select which format you want. You can email it as a PDF, a Microsoft Word document (.docx), a Rich Text (.rtf) file, an HTML file (.html), as plain text (.txt), or as an Open Office document (.ods).

Docs12 - 6

You can also paste the document the item into the email. It looks something like this:

Docs12 - 7

Note, if you have a document with lots of formatting and images, sometimes there are problems when the file is converted to the Word format. If in doubt, check before sending them, by downloading the file (see above).

Sharing a document

To share your document from within the file, click on the blue “Share” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Sheets9 - 14

This will open the Share with others dialogue box. Here you can add people you want to be able to edit or view your document. This is the same as doing it in Google Drive, see my post on sharing files in Google Drive.

Docs12 - 8

Note, this shares the file with them and it will appear in their ‘Shared with me’ filter. By default, they will receive an email saying that you have shared it with them, with a link to the file.

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