Once you’ve made a stunning document, you may want to print it out. Let’s go through the options Docs gives you.

To print, click on the printer icon (or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P (Mac: Cmd + P)).

Docs7 - 1

This opens the Print dialogue box. Everything to do with printing is in this one box. The settings are on the left and the page preview is on the right.

Docs7 - 2

Total pages and sheets of paper

At the top, it will tell you how many pages will be printed. If you have a printer that allows you to print double-sided (which hopefully you use), here it will tell you both how many sheets of paper will be printed and how many pages of the document. In other words, roughly speaking the sheets of paper used will be half of the pages.

Docs7 - 3


This tells you the printer it will be sent to. Click “Change” to change the printer.

Docs7 - 4


You can either print all the pages or select certain ones. To select certain ones, either give it a range of pages to print, e.g. 3-6, or if they are not sequential then tell it the specific pages you want, e.g. 3, 5, 8. You can mix the two, to print exactly what you want. There’s an example in the box.

Docs7 - 5


State how many copies of the document you want.

Docs7 - 6


What you see here will depend on the printer you are using. On my home printer I only have this option, but at work I also have the choice to choose double-sided here as my work printer has that function.

Docs7 - 7

Simplify page – Just prints out the text without any formatting.

More settings

Sometimes some of the extra settings are hidden in “More settings”. Click on it to open them.

Docs7 - 8

Paper size – Adjust the size of the paper you’re going to print on.

Margins – You can adjust the margins here of the printed version without affecting the file.

Docs7 - 9

Clicking on either Minimum or Custom, brings up the extra option of whether you want to print the headers and footers. Again, without affecting the file.

Docs7 - 13

Open PDF in Preview

If you have a Mac you’ll have this option, I’m not sure about Windows. It allows you to open the document as a PDF in the Preview program.

Page preview icons

If you hover the cursor over the page preview, you’ll see three icons appear on the right. The first changes the preview from either fit the page on the screen to fill the width of the screen. The next two allow you to zoom in or out of the document.

Docs7 - 11

I leave you with a classic from the comedian Eddie Izzard talking about printing. It contains swear words, so isn’t appropriate for kids:


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