Here let’s look at how to insert links to webpages, documents on your Google Drive, and within your Google Doc. Plus, how to add drawings from Google Drawing, and adding a simple but effective horizontal line to organise your document.

Inserting hyperlinks

Docs gives you the option of linking to webpages, other documents on your Google Drive, or within the document itself.

To insert a hyperlink, click on the link icon on the toolbar, to open the Link dialogue box.

Docs8 - 15

There are two parts to the dialogue box, the text you see on the page and the link it opens when clicked on.

Docs8 - 16

Let’s add a link to one of my books (yes, blatant plug!). I’ve typed in the name of the book in the “Text” box. Below it I paste in the URL for the book. Then I click “Apply”.

Docs8 - 17

This adds the following link into the document:

Docs8 - 18

If the reader clicks on the link, the address appears and if I click on that, it will take me directly to that webpage.

Docs8 - 19

If you look at the end of the box, this is how you can either change or remove the link.

You can also add a link to a piece of text you’ve already typed in the document. As an example, here I want to add a link to the first “iBooks store” next to Google Drive. I highlight the text, then click on the link icon on the toolbar.

Docs8 - 20

This opens the Link menu as before, but with the Text part already filled out. I just need to paste in the URL.

Docs8 - 21

Note, from the Text, it also suggests some sites, which you could add if relevant.

It also gives you the option of linking to a Google Doc, in this case one called “Printing” which contained the words “iBooks store”.

Finally, we can link within the document with the use of headings. More on how to use headings and paragraph styles in a future post.

Here I’ve typed “Back to start of chapter” in the document, selected the text and clicked on the link icon. Now I click on “Headings”.

Docs8 - 22

This will open possible headings I have in the document, in this case just one called “Working with images”.

Docs8 - 23

That’s the one I want, so I click on that, then click “Apply”.

Docs8 - 24

It adds a link as before and clicking on it, will show you it’s linked to a heading. Clicking on the link will take the reader to that header, which in this case is the start of the chapter.

Docs8 - 25

Docs8 - 26

This can be a useful way to help readers navigate around your document.

Inserting drawings

Attached to Google Docs is a drawing program called “Drawing”. To enter the program, go to the “Insert” menu and click on “Drawing”.

Docs8 - 27

I’m not going to go into how to use Drawing here, but here’s a link to a video showing you some of the basics.

Once you have you drawing, click “Save & Close”.

Docs8 - 28

This adds the drawing into your document.

Docs8 - 29

Inserting a horizontal line

To finish, here’s a simple thing you can insert but which can make your document far easier to read. It’s just a simple horizontal line.

To insert one, go to the “Insert” menu and click “Horizontal line”.

Docs8 - 30

As the name suggests, a horizontal line is added to your document, which stretches across the width of your page.

Docs8 - 31

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