Cells on the spreadsheet can be combined together by what’s called “merging”. This helps your information be understood more easily.

Here I have some products and I wanted to work out the profitability of them. The cells in yellow are related to income and the ones in blue are costs. As you can see, the income and costs titles don’t look very good the way they are at the moment, and I want to use them as headers for the information below, to show that they are connected.

Sheets13 - 1

Merge all

1) Let’s start with the income. Select the cells you want to merge.

Sheets13 - 2

2) From the toolbar, click on the merge icon (2 arrows facing each other).

Sheets13 - 4

3) This combines the 3 cells together making it one cell.

Sheets13 - 5

4) Usually I add a bit more formatting, for example, add a border and centre the word. Use the shortcuts from the toolbar.

Sheets13 - 7  Sheets13 - 6

As you can see, I now have a header for the three areas of income.

Sheets13 - 8

Then I follow the same process for the costs. I’ve also filled in the income and costs cells in the same colour as the cells below them. Now the table looks much better.

Sheets13 - 9

Merge vertically and horizontally

Now I want to add a bit more information to my table, to help explain it a little better. Under sales and price, I want to add some text, to add extra information.

1) Select the an area below the 2 columns, here I’ve selected 4 rows and 2 columns, as I think that will give me enough space.

2) Go to the merge icon and click on the little triangle to the side of it to bring up the merge menu. Here I want to choose “Merge vertically”.

Sheets13 - 11

As you can see it’s merged the 4 rows in the first column and the 4 rows in the second column.

Sheets13 - 12

Now I add the information I wanted. In the first column under sales, I want to add the countries the sales were in. I typed these in by, typing “UK” then Ctrl+Enter, to move down a line, without moving down a cell, otherwise, your text will be written horizontally.

Sheets13 - 13  not this: Sheets13 - 18

I then add a comment in the cell under price. Note, I’ve written a sentence and it’s too big for the box. So, I need to change the cell wrapping to “Wrap” by using the wrap icon on the toolbar.

Sheets13 - 14  Sheets13 - 15

Now I have my additional information in the cells.

Sheets13 - 16

One final thing, I want to align the text to the top of the cell not at the bottom as it currently is. Click on the align icon in the toolbar (downward facing arrow) and select the upward facing arrow.

Sheets13 - 17

Now we have the table looking the way I want it.

Sheets13 - 19

“Merge horizontally” works in exactly the same way.

If you want to undo a merge and redo it. Select “Unmerge” from the merge toolbar then if you want you can merge a different range.

Note, the cell reference of merged cells is the upper left cell. So if you merge cells A1 to C3, the reference will be A1.

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