Unless your form is for personal use, you’ll want to send it to people. Here’s how:

Open your form and click the big “Send” button on the top-right of the screen, to open the “Send form” box.

Forms7 Sending - 1

Here you have various options to send. First let’s look at emailing a link.

Emailing a link to your form

By default, the email option is already selected, so we just need to tell it who we want to send the form to.

Forms7 Sending - 2

Type in the email address(es), add a subject, and add a message.

Tip: If you have groups set up in your Contacts, you can just type in the group name and all those in the group will be added.

Forms7 Sending - 3

Then press “Send”. The recipients will receive an email with a link in it like this:

Forms7 Sending - 4

In the Send form box, there is the option to include the form in the email, but at the time of writing, I’ve found that although the form is included in the email, when you start filling it out, it still takes you to the Google Form on-line anyway, especially if you have more than one page. Plus, videos aren’t embedded in the email, they are only links.

You also have the option of adding collaborators, who can edit your edit form.

Getting the link to your form

You can also get the link to the form, which is useful if you are sharing this but don’t know the email addresses are the form-fillers. E.g. I share a questionnaire with our teachers and they share it with our students.

Forms7 Sending - 7

One nice feature they’ve added here is the option to shorten the URL right within Forms. Before you would have had to go to Google’s shorten URL page (https://goo.gl/) to shorten it.

Just click on the checkbox next to “Shorten URL” and the long URL above is converted into a shorter one.

Note, as they add the word ‘/forms/’ in the URL, this doesn’t actually create a URL  as short as going to the goo.gl site, but it’s short enough for most people and is more convenient this way.

Forms7 Sending - 8

Then click “Copy” and paste the link wherever you need it.

Embedding your form

The third option with ‘the greater than / less than’ icon, is to embed the form normally into a website. Just click on “copy” and then press Ctrl+C (Cmd+C) to copy the link. Then paste it into your site, blog, etc.

Forms7 Sending - 9

Here’s the random form I’ve put together over this series of posts, where I’ve embedded it using the option above.

Finally, you also have the option of sharing your form on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, which are easy to do but is beyond the scope of this post.

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