Once you’ve got to grips with the basics, it’s time to look at other ways you can make you form better. Here’s a selection of options Google Forms provides which are very easy to use but will allow you to use Forms in different ways.

Let’s start with what’s hiding in the Settings menu.

On the form edit page, click on the cog at the top of the screen.

Forms5 - 1 (1)

This will open the Settings menu.

Forms5 - 2

Can submit only 1 response – This ensures a person can only send one response, but to do this they have to have logged in.

Forms5 - 2b

Confirmation page (message for respondents) – By default, once the form-filler has clicked Submit, they will receive a message saying “Your response has been recorded”. This is fine, but a little impersonal and a different message may be more appropriate for your situation. So, to change it just type it in.

Tip: You can add links here, e.g. a link to a page on Google Drive with the answers to a test.

Forms5 - 3

Message on confirmation page:

Forms5 - 4

Show respondents a link to – This gives the respondents 3 options:

  • They can submit another response (this takes them back to the form)
  • They can edit this current response
  • They can see the summary of responses (which if selected is available to anyone filling the form in).

Forms5 - 5

Under presentation options, you can add a progress bar to your form, which is useful if you have lots of pages, and you want to encourage those filling it out that the end is in sight!

Forms5 - 6

Progress bar on the form:

Forms5 - 7

You can also shuffle the question order.

Adding a text

If you have a text that you want your students to answer questions on, using the question option makes the text too big, but there’s an alternative way. Use the “add title and description” option. Click on the double T icon from the floating menu.

Forms6 - 18

Give the question a title (optional). Then type in or paste in your text in the description box below. The questions are then below the text.

Forms6 - 19

This is what it looks like on the form:

Forms6 - 20

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