We can make Google Forms a little more aesthetically pleasing by changing the background and so that it can look a little more fun or professional.

Changing the background colour of the form

By default, your form will be purple. You can very quickly change the colour by going to the colour palette menu.

Forms6 - 21

Select a colour.

Forms6 - 22

The background will change colour.

Forms6 - 23

Adding a theme

Go to the colour palette.

Forms6 - 21

Click on the image icon on the bottom-right.

Forms6 - 22

Here you’ll be presented with a whole range of themes, they’re not amazing, but at least they are a bit more interesting than the plain colours. Just find the one you like and click “Select”.

Forms6 - 24

Here’s what it looks like on the form:

Forms6 - 25

Adding your own image

You can also add your own images, which is particularly useful if you want to add your company’s or school’s logo to make the form look more professional.

Go to the colour palette as before and click on the image icon.

Forms6 - 22

Choose either “upload photos” or if it is already on your Drive, click Your albums. In this example, I’m going to add a photo. Either drag the photo onto where it says “Drag a photo here” or click “Select a photo from your computer”.

Forms6 - 26

Choose your photo and once uploaded, it will ask you to crop it so it fits on the screen correctly. Just move the rectangle to the part of the photo you want to show, and then click “Select”.

Forms6 - 27

Here’s what that photo looks like on your form. Note, it’s not exactly the same as the crop, as the height is a little less than the original crop, so take that into account when you crop it.

Forms6 - 28

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