In Google Forms, apart from text, we can add images and videos to enrich the form, and as always this is simple to do.

Adding an image to a form

You can add images to your form. On the right-hand side of your questions, you will see a floating menu with 5 options.

Forms5 - 8

Click on the middle one, “add image”.

Forms5 - 9

This opens the “Insert image” dialogue box. Choose one of the options at the top depending on where your image is.

Forms5 - 11

In this example, I’m going to add an image that is on My Drive. Type in the name of the file and press Enter.

Forms5 - 12

Click on the image you want and click “Select” at the bottom of the box.

Forms5 - 13

This adds the image on your form. At first, it may be the wrong size. Just click on it and drag a corner of it to change the size.

Forms5 - 14

You also have the option of aligning it to the left, centre or right, and adding a title to the image.

Forms5 - 15

Clicking on the 3 dots, also offers you the option of adding “Hover text”, i.e. when the person’s cursor is over the image, some text will appear. Clicking on it adds a hover text line under the image title, which you can edit.

Forms5 - 16  Forms5 - 17

Adding a video to a form

On the floating menu, click the fourth option (the play icon), “Add video”.

Forms5 - 10

Either you can type in a search term or you can click URL and paste in a YouTube URL.

Forms5 - 18  Forms5 - 19

Here I’ve typed in a search. Select the video you want and click “Select”.

Forms5 - 20

Back on the form edit page, you can align it and give it a title.

Forms5 - 21

Clicking on the 3 dots, gives you the option to add a caption under the video. This can be a better option than adding a big title.

Forms6 - 15 Forms6 - 16

The form-filler will see the video embedded in the form and they will just need to click the play button to watch it.

Forms6 - 17

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