Updated – Section reordering added

If you’ve got a longer form, you’ll probably want to add sections and possible pages to your form. So, here we’ll look at:

  • Adding titles
  • Adding sections
  • Moving sections
  • Previewing your form

There is an important difference between titles and sections.

Titles – These add a section title to your form on the current page

Sections – These add a section title but also put the section on a new page


1) On the right-hand side there a floating menu. Click on the double T icon to add a title to a section of your

Forms3 - 19

2) Click on “Untitled  title” to give your section a name. You also have the option to add a description of the section underneath.

Forms3 - 20

Forms3 - 21


1) To add a section on a new page, click on the question you want the new section to appear AFTER. Then click Add section (two lines icon) from the floating bar.

Forms3 - 5

2) Click on “Untitled section” to change the name of the section.

Forms3 - 6

3) You can also add a description underneath.

Forms3 - 8


Moving sections is really easy. Here I want to move section 3 before section 2.

1) Click on the 3-dot menu at the top of the section, then choose “Move section”.

A pop-up box will appear. There are two ways to move the sections. Either click and hold on the 6 dots on the left of the section you want and drag it to the position you want, or click the up or down arrows on the right to move it one place up or down.

2) Then click “Save”.

As you can see, it’s moved Section 3 above Section 2.


To see what the title and section look like on your form, go to Preview by clicking on the eye symbol at the top of the screen.

Forms3 - 22

We can see the title we added “Section 1”, which clearly labels this section.

Forms3 - 23

At the bottom of the first page, we now see that a “Next” button has been added automatically to show that there is more than one page on this form. Click on that.

Forms3 - 24

Ahh, remember in the last post, we made a question obligatory. Even though we’re just viewing this form, we can’t see the next page unless we complete this question with something.

Notice, that obligatory questions have a red asterisk next to them. This is what the form filler will see too.

Forms3 - 25

Having filled in a name, we then click on the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen, and this time it allows us to see the next page. In this example, this is where “Section 2” is.

Forms3 - 26

So, remember add sections, adds a separate page by default.

At the end of the form, you will always see the blue “Submit” button, for the form filler to send their responses.

They also have the option of going back to review or change their responses, by clicking on “Back”. The responses filled out on both pages are remembered.

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