Here we’re going to make a quick multiple-choice quiz using Google Forms. You’ll see how easy it is to make one!

There are 3 main parts:

  • Creating the form
  • Adding questions
  • Linking a spreadsheet to store the responses


1) Click on the “New”button, then “More”, then “Google Forms.

Forms2 - 1

2) You’re now on the form edit screen. Your form is in the middle.

Forms2 - 3


3) You can give your form a title by clicking on “Untitled form” and typing in a name.

Forms2 - 4

4) To add your first question, click on “Untitled Question” and type in your question.

Forms2 - 5

5) By default, the answer format is multiple-choice. So, now we need to enter the options. Click on “Option 1” and type in a possible answer.

Forms2 - 6

6) To add other options, either click on “Add option” or press the tab button twice.

To add another question, click on “Duplicate” at the bottom of the box.

I find clicking on the “Duplicate” button is usually best, as it duplicates the current question, saving you having to add the options in again and often the questions are in a similar format.

Forms2 - 7

7) Click on the duplicated question and edit it.

Forms2 - 8

8) Then click on the options to change these. Then duplicate the question again to add more questions.

Forms2 - 9

Forms2 - 10

9) Once I’ve finished making the form, I always check it looks ok. So, to view your form, click the eye icon at the top-right of the screen.

Forms2 - 15

10) This will open the form as it will be seen by those filling it out.

Forms2 - 16


11) Once you’ve finished your questions, you need to tell where you want the responses to your form to go. On the edit page, click on “Responses”, then click the green Spreadsheet icon.

Forms2 - 11

12) This will open a dialogue box asking you if you want to create a new spreadsheet or an existing one. For now, leave the default which is create a new one and click “Create”.

Forms2 - 13

13) This will create a spreadsheet where your responses will be stored. The questions from your form are in the row 1, along with a timestamp, which tells you when someone submitted your form.

Forms2 - 14

Now it’s ready to be shared! In a future post I will show you how to share the form and how to analyse the responses.

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