Following on from my post on moving files and folders around, you can of course move multiple ones around too.  The only difference is the way you select the files or folders you want to move.  However, this is exactly the same way you do it in Windows or OS, i.e. you hold Ctrl (on Windows) or Cmd (on a Mac) to select specific files, or you hold down the Shift key to select a range of files.

1) Click on the first file you want to move, then hold down Ctrl (or Cmd) and then click on the other files you want to move.  The ones that you have chosen will be highlighted in blue.

Multiple move - Select files

Or if the files you want are all together, click on the top one, hold down the Shift key, then click on the bottom one.  All the files from the top to the bottom one will then be highlighted.

Multiple move - Select range

2) Once you have your files or folders highlighted, just drag them to the folder you want to move them to.  A blue block with the number of files you’re moving will appear as you move it.

a) Moving to a folder within the files and folder area:

Multiple move - Move

b) Moving to a folder on the menu on the left-hand side:

Multiple move - Move2

c) Moving using the Move to menu:

Right click on one of the highlighted files to bring up a menu, then select “Move to”.  This then brings up the “Move to” menu.  Choose a folder and click Move.  See my post on moving files and folder for more detail.

Multiple move - Move to menu

If you want to move all the files and folders within the files and folder area, just click on a file or folder and then press Ctrl and A together to select all the files and folders (Cmd + A on a Mac).

If you want to select all the files but don’t want specific ones, you can select them all using Ctrl + A, let go, then holding the Ctrl key down, click on the files or folders you don’t want to include.  This will then deselect them and the blue highlight will be removed.

Multiple move - Deselect

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