At the top of the screen is the search bar and account options.

Search bar

Search bar

It’s no surprise that Google includes a powerful search engine so you can find your files, without having to hunt for them via the folders.  Just type in the words you want and press Enter.  Google will search for filenames and also, words within documents.

It also provides some filters, to enable you to find what you want more quickly and easily.  Just click on the triangle on the right-hand side of the search box.

Search options

This brings up the filter menu.  Select what you want to filter and click Search.

In the top-right of the screen are the account options:

Top menu

The first will be your first name.

Grid iconNext to that are nine little squares.  Clicking on this brings up the menu to access other Google programs and options. e.g. Gmail.

Grid menu

Notifications iconThe bell symbol is where notifications live, e.g. messages from Google.

Account iconThe last one is the account menu.

Account menu4

Clicking on this brings up the My account menu.  Here you can:

-change your account settings

-your account profile picture (click on change in the brown circle)

-sign out, when you have finished using Google Apps and Drive.  Essential if you are sharing the computer with someone else.

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